Half slabs? (request)

I’d love to see half slabs as a thing be it blocks you place or objects you use to place on top of blocks. Either way, it would be great if this were possible.

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It would have to be an item, since terrain and building blocks can only come in “full block” form.

I can see a lot of use for half-block and partial-block items (e.g. psuedo-triangular stepped pieces) in the hands of builders, the only downside is that it means adding a lot of item entities to the town. Eventually, too many of them would create the same problems as having, say, 1000 of the stone gargoyle heads (one of the most “simple” items available i.e. no lighting, no storage, no walk-able surface for pathfinding to worry about, it’s just a model really) deployed across the town – namely, there comes a point where there’s simply too many items for the game to easily keep track of.

A handful of these partial blocks would have no impact at all on the game, but their design implicitly encourages using a lot of them to increase the detail of buildings. And that’s not a bad thing at all! Players simply need to be aware of the potential trade-off, and plan accordingly. If they plan a massive building with intricate detailing, there are a bunch of tricks to make it less of a processor hog; heavy (i.e. dozens or hundreds of the items used in every building for the sake of consistency) use of these items would probably require using some of those tricks by default just to be safe.

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yeah fair enough. it sucks that there is no way to half render a full block in build mode. it’s really frustrating. mayhaps in a stonehearth sequel they’ll do it?