Tree can be planted on rooftop

Summary: Tree can be planted on rooftop

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Plant a tree on a rooftop, a ladder might be needed for the workers to reach it
  2. When it grows, it cannot be harvested

Expected Results: I would expect the tool not to work on rooftops, then I would expect the tree not to grow. Not sure if I would expect them to be able to harvest trees on rooftop :slight_smile:

Actual Results: Tree grows on the rooftop, but cannot be harvested

Notes: I was accidentally planted a tree on a rooftop, and couldn’t get rid of it.


Version Number and Mods in use: vanilla A17 (build 3000)

System Information: Not related I think

Welcome to the forum, @majori :slight_smile:

Right now the trees that you plant can grow only if they have enough space, I think.
With the latest builds devs have enabled to loot on roads and buildings. Could we get the harvest tool to work on those too? >.> @sdee (because I don’t know who to ping)

Unless the building parts are also viewed as some kind of harvestable thing (because you can get materials out of them, at least when removing a building was working in the past)… :sweat:

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