"Traffic/Transportation" View Mode

Previously, this didn’t use to be an issue, as the Roads had specific designs and were clearly visible compared to floors. However, now they are able to use the same Stone resource colors and can look identical. In my Diadem Depot Project, I used a large number of Foundations (Floors) for the areas that weren’t intended for “travelling” (like areas behind curbs). The problem that resulted is that it eventually became more and more difficult to discern what was a “Foundation” and what was a “Road”, complicating planning out the transportation network and making sure locations and structures were connected by roads.

What I’d like to suggest is some of view mode that specifically emphasizes your traffic network. This mode could additionally gives stats like:

  • Daily/montly usage of certain roads
  • Designating multiple roads to define a “route” (particularly useful for long trails to outer locations like resource camps or neighboring settlements); could also tie into Caravans/traders in the future
  • Locating Hearthlings on roads/routes
  • Tracking Hearthling routes to destinations (possibly tapping into the pathfinder itself)
  • Setting waypoints to emphasize certain paths to destinations

…among other things! Since we’ll be hopefully seeing the new, more efficient pathfinder in Alpha 12, I thought this might be a good opportunity to bring this concept up. Any other possibilities (or potential issues) anyone else can think of?