Trader offer disappeared

After getting the required objects for the trader, upon time for his return, an error message pops up and the trader notification disappears.

Item traded: 2 Picket Fence Gates
Version: develop-2283 (x64)
Error message:

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sorry i forgot how to relate something without keeping it focussed on the initial post @SteveAdamo if you could eidit it so it keeps the OP in line?

i haven’t had this happen, but what does happen sometimes for me, is when a message a trader has come offering wares/a caravan approaches etc… when i am doing something at the time, like lookin at a ui menue or giving an order, the message will dissapear instantly and it will be removed from the I symbol as well, so it would make me miss my chance of buying/selling/trading

Sorry for hijacking the topic

Version: 2283 and 2291

hey there @Barney324 … my apologies, but I didn’t quite get what you wanted me to do… sorry!

well i thought i read somewhere in the rules section (one of them) that i could have linked my above post to the op’s post to keep it on track (as my post was slightly different) i don’t know how/or if it is needed? @SteveAdamo

oooh, ok… no worries… your comment was at least related to the topic at hand… :wink:


I might run another game to see if I have the same problem… tbh I think mine might be an out of date save, like from the most previous release, idk though

Will update later