Distant Trader Quests Disappearing

Unfortunately I’m not sure when it is happening or what is causing it. I’ll accept a trade and they leave. I’ll double check the quest and start making the items. Then, sometime later, I’ll notice that I have 10 extra chairs, go to check when the trader will return and the quest is gone. This has happened a couple of times now.

Steps to reproduce:
I’m unsure. I think this last time another trade might have shown up during the waiting time. I declined it so maybe declining that trade caused the other to go away?

Expected Results:
The quest would remain and eventually the trader returns.

Actual Results:
Suddenly you have 10 extra chairs and will never receive those two chest pieces…

Version Number and Mods in use:
Current / Terrain slabs and rivers - Though I experienced this problem before I had mods as well

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This has been an ongoing problem for me for quite some time. I don’t know why they don’t come back when I have everything they requested. Pretty sure it’s been reported and just not a high priority fix.

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Interesting! I’ve never had this problem before now. Hope it gets fixed soon though! It seems to only happen to the ones I’m really excited about rather than the ones I accept just cause.

I’ve had this issue several times. I figured when the trader returned I got busy doing other things and forgot to click on it to turn in the trade before the notification expired (not the popup to let ya know they’re back, but there might be a timer on how long they’ll hang around before they decide you’ve forgotten them and move on)

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Exactly @Logo, there is a timer on that trader’s arrival. If its message gets missed due to other things happening, like combat or story conversations or such, the trader leaves without interacting with you. It has made me VERY sad sometimes, especially with Rayya’s Children and trying to get those flowers. :forlorn:


It should be a little more in your face about the timer. Like maybe have a second message pop up?
I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if that is the problem. Seems unlikely cause I check my notifications frequently but would make sense if that was the problem.

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