Today test: moat on a big scale

Still in my test moment to dig out what is doable or not in SH (actually on r 2513). Today the goal was to carve a moat on a big scale joining several lakes in one step with instant mining and see if the system could handle it.

So yes it’s doable, you can see in the far the moat all around the future city:

BUT don’t do it in one shot, it will bring the lua to 99,9% during a very, very, verrrrrry long time. I guess the flooding code isn’t optimal yet specially with several “sources” to stabilize…


That looks amazing, how long did that take you to do that?!

Not long to carve out the moat, quite long (too long!) to get the water filling it!


I’m going to ask a stupid questions here, but how are you and all these other people making water trenches like this? Do you run water off a mountain? Or is there a trick for an infinite water sources?

This or in this test here the moat was a link between several lakes. So no trick with some water sources, at least for me!