Filling a moat, best practises

TLDR; what is the best approace when trying to fill a large body of water?

I’m trying to fill a rather lager moat around my castel. But it seems wet/dry stones are very prone to buggs or at the very least extremely performance heavy.

I started by placeing wet stones here and there around the moat, with dry stones at various places at the level where I wanted the water line.
But it seems water will “evaporate” after flowing a certain distance over any flat surface, so the water level never rose. I started adding more and more stones to get it to fill, but all it did was tank the FPS compleatley.
I then tryed to build temorary walls to make many smaller cells to fill one at a time. That worked a litle bit better as the water level actually rose in the cells. But when I then try to remove the walls between cells, the game either colapse into a stuttering mess, or the void where the wall was turns into a magical void the compleatley swallows any and all water surounding it.

So how do you guys handle such tasks?

start off with a body of water with a wetstone in it, and slowly dig from there so the game doesnt have to compute all that water all in one go, but can fill it back up slowly. or make a shallow moat and slowly beepen it out while filling it. seems to be the best way i found.

The above advice about starting shallow and digging deeper once you’ve filled the shallow layer is very effective. I find it easiest to also divide the large body of water up into sections (e.g. build barriers/walls to divide it into “cells”, just make sure that each cell is a separate building and they don’t all become one big connected mess) and then fill each cell using a single wet stone at a time – you can move the stone between cells if you don’t want to invest in making a bunch of them. Once each cell is full, remove the walls of one cell and let it merge with its neighbours. Repeat this until all cells have been “released”/connected to the main body, and then start deepening the water body.

The key is to avoid trying to make major changes all at once, which is good general advice for the whole game hahaha!

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Thanks for the help!
I did manage to fill it all by leting my geomancers devide upp the area with terrain block stones. Then digging it out litle by litle.