To the Devs/Community: Fonts

Just wondering if the script font used in the pictures like this one is publicly available or could be purchased somewhere?

Also, will there be a font created that looks like the logo?


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Some on the Kickstarter page were wondering the same thing. I know that Tome talked about it in a Livestream, so I will endeavor to find out.

Edit: I misremembered from the first Livestream. Tom was talking about a different font in the Livestream, sorry.

We found a lot of great fonts here:


@sdee Wow that’s awesome - bookmarking!

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@sdee Thank you so much… now I can end my quest. That’s an awesome site. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know the font which was used during the Kickstarter-Campaign?


if i had to guess, they found it over on blambot

Yeah, I remember Stephanie pointing in this direction. However, I have not found this specific font there. What comes closest is the font called “Crime Wave”… but it should be another one.

if you crop the image you could use.

aye, thats close, isnt it… i’ll take a gander myself… :smiley:

@gr1f1th Very interesting tool and great idea. Unfortunately it is useless for me in this case (it shows me fonts which are not even close to what I am looking for) :unamused:.

aww sorry :frowning: would have checked myself first but I’m on the clock. good luck

Im Pretty Sure the Font they used for the kickstarter and possibly other thing was Berlins Sans FB and/or Berlin Sans FB Demi these are both pre-installed on windows but im not to sure about Mac And Linux. You can get it here: Download font Berlin Sans FB Demi for free - AZFonts.

Hope this helped

Edit: Spelt Sarhifigus Wrong


… and a very special :gift: goes to… @Sarhifigus.

Thanks! It is exactly that font.


I’ve searched around for the font used in the main logo (The “Stonehearth” one) and I can’t find it. I’ve seen a discussion about the scriptic (yeah, i made that word up :P) font used in some of the kickstarter images, but nothing about the font for the main logo.

I’m making a Stonehearth related website and I’d love to have a logo that looks very similar to the Stonehearth one so people associate it with the game :slight_smile:


Actually I believe that the Logo is hand-made and you might have difficulties to find a font which looks exactly like that. You could ask @TobiasSabathius if he shares with you which font he uses for the Norse-Logo, which looks a little bit similar… or look for one by yourself.

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He already said what the font is a while back in the thread. I believe @voxel_pirate is correct about the actual logo but I can’t find where it was mentioned I’ve looked through most Radient’s forums posts so I must’ve missed it, either way though the font used for the norse.

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hi @tommyk1210… welcome aboard! :smile:

your thread was merged here, as this is a sort of dumping ground for all game related font discussions…

let us know when this is available… :smiley:

Thanks Steve. Scurlock is pretty nice, but it’s a little tricky to get it to look like the main logo when it’s small :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to keep playing in photoshop

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This is the stonehearth main logo font.

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