Tilled soil named wrong in the world

Summary: When clicking the tilled soil in the world to check soil quality all different soils are just called tilled earth
(this may not be a bug if radiant changed their minds on the soil naming, but before alpha 12 the soils had different names)
Steps to repro:
1.Create a farmer
2.Create a Field (I used corn in the example)
3. Click on the tilled soil below the crop or nothing if in fallow
4. look at name of object in bottom left corner
5. Wrong name is present
Expected results:
Different names for different soil quality
all soils named the same “Tilled earth”


i have mentioned this to yhsan already ^^ the interessting part is that the links in the tilled_dirt.json looks fine ^^

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@yshan, this still seems to be an issue in release 472. Different subtexts are present, but all titles are the same.

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Tilled soil no longer appears to be a clickable entity in the game. Moving this to #no_longer_applicable