Those Steam moments


Do you ever have those moments where you are staring at your steam library,but cannot choose what game to play, because for some reason you find yourself extremely bored and cannot bring up the will power to click play on anything?

And in case you were wondering, yes, I am bored.


Pick a genre and click at random, it usually works out for the best.


But that play button is so far.


I guess I’m playing Train Simulator 2014. Even tho this is the most boring game in my library…

Starts Will Power-Engine in head. I will defeat you play button.


Just pick the game you haven’t played in a really long time. You will remember why you actually liked it once.


I would, but I am on a new computer, so I don’t have all games donwloaded, plus I have a bandwith limit. :frowning:


had to share this. Euro Truck Simulator 2’s AI everyone! (I did nothing).


Give those two their privacy!!! For shame!!!


Wow, I have no words for that @Newf


Meh. I get my humour where I can…