Steam game: Mountain

I found the most awesome game ever check it out:


from the reviews it is the worst game, or better screensaver, ever. :smile:

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Looks like its not a game lol idk though

It makes me very curious… thanks for making me wonder for the rest of my life…

Most of the reviews are quite stupid. They complain about the lack of futures but it says clearly in the description that it doesn’t have any controls. (You can play piano with your keyboard though :slight_smile: )
It is a very zen game though i used 20 minutes just looking at the mountain.

Edit: Though the developers haven’t done any optimization which means it takes quite a lot of space on you computer when run.

Yeah… less game more interactive screensaver it seems :stuck_out_tongue: .

I will say though that it isn’t very expensive and for me at least it was entertaining enough just to have it running in the background :stuck_out_tongue: