This is a random question

This is just completely off-topic, but have the “bigger animals” the trapper’s level 5 ability talk about actually been added into the game? I know they already have the voxel model’s done, but I have a level 5 trapper and I haven’t seen him catch any deer or boars or stuff like that yet.

I know this is a somewhat dumb question, just don’t be rude about your answer please!

They haven’t been implemented yet, I don’t think we have an ETA either :confused: But they will exsist


Isn’t the mammoth pet supposed to come out soon-ish?

All’s I wanted to talk about was the large animals you hunt. But here’s the weird part. The development roadmap says animals are done, and it uses deer as an example of an animal.

The base code for animals is done (for sheep, Wolves, and small critters) So the larger animals are easier to implement but will still take time.