The task of the king with is statue wont show again

The task of the king with his statue and fountain wont show again even if I only did the valor of cid

  1. I first checked how it work by pressing the ‘‘verify’’ button and I saw how it worked
  2. I placed the statue of sid and veryfied again and i got the reward so cool
    3)the notification disapeared and it wont show again

Expected Results:
continue to do the tasks whitout bug and get the rewards
Actual Results:
cant finish tasks so I dont have any rewards and I wasted time and ressources on this

Version Mods in use:
no one

Hi there,

You only need to get one of the quests done in order to reach the next township tier. Did you happen to see this dialog after completing the quest?

If so, the notification won’t appear again because you’ve already successfully completed a requirement to level up tiers. If not, is there any related bulletin in your bulletin board (exclamation mark ! button on the lower right party of the menu bar)?

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a ok thanks i wasnt knewing that