The old Weresheep idea

I long while ago on a thread I brought up the idea of a “weresheep” that raids your farms at night for veggies.

There would be a chance, that any given night, when the moon is just right, you would have a weresheep wander into your village, attempt to eat a portion of your farm and leave, unless killed by a footman of course.

What do you guys think?

Imagine it…


you’ve had many a restless night, haven’t you? :wink:


But the weresheep is a calamitous foe, the harbinger of many a failed harvest, only the strength of the most varnished of wooden swords could hope to vanquish such a fiend.


So the magic is in the varnish? :smiley:

I don’t know about that, but after a mani-pedi when my nails have been done in hot pink I certainly feel magical.


I would love to have weresheep instead of the common werewolf! It means we can set our trained dogs on the fluffy fiends!!!

Exactly :smiley:

Not only is it sort of comedic when you think about it, but it isnt stereotypical, and it is fun.

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Agreed. More ideas that are out of the norm somewhat to give Stonehearth a distinct feel are great, in my opinion!

Weresheep, forever!

… Now i suddenly have an idea that if the Weresheep attacks enough, a Cult of the Weresheep will form and they’ll be upset if you kill it. :smiley:

Okay so it’s not a sheep it’s a rabbit, but still, does the same thing :stuck_out_tongue: .

Maybe every full moon, the weresheep would perform a ritual and infect another sheep. Next full moon each sheep would infect another sheep, and their numbers increase exponentially, until they are numerous enough to start attacking people. You would not see the ritual, just the lamps would flicker for a few seconds you heard an ominous laugh coming from no particular place. You then have to search for the weresheep and kill it before it infects the rest of them. A weresheep would have a slightly different behavior from the rest, and you could not catch it with traps. It would stay near the shady areas whenever possible, and watch your village from a distance. It would be hard, but not impossible to stop a weresheep.

Of course, this would not happen too often, maybe 1/10 of the time at the start of a new game, but if not it would happen within the first 30 days of your village.

here you go


was hoping it would be a bit…cuter… i’m sure tom can pull it off.

And that was an amazing film, So it must work again surely?


I don’t even know myself anymore.


Are you a weresheep?

No. It’s just that the idea is quite strange, and most likely awesome.

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@Tom , Why are you not making this a reality? :wink:

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this is what im wondering