The Mythical Creatures Mod =Ceased Development=


Hey, and welcome to the discourse!

The mod was last updated a few alphas ago, so it’s not compatible with the current version of Stonehearth. And it could take a while until the next time it gets a updated. Thanks for trying out the mod and showing the errors you encounter, but you might want to keep this one in the sidelines until it gets an update. :smile:


Thanks for the report!

Though this report is great; the mod development js temporarily inactive(i could slide in some, but that’s kinda less of a priority)

At the moment i would suggest not using the mod, sice it was last updated about 2~3 alphas ago and really has a lot of bugs that are unlikely to be fixed for a couple of months

Sorry Again, and thanks for the report, now we know one more thing we’ll have to fix when we begin updating the mod again.


In the new version of the Praise Mod Manager (v2) the default option will be to not list mods that aren’t compatible by checking the praisedb build ref with the build id of the stonehearth exe.

there will also be the option of enabling all incompatible mods too but by default it will only list mods where the mod build ref is newer…

HS - you may want to update the mod on PraiseDB to change the build ref from 1.13 to whatever the last known compatible stonehearth build is? :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


Oh yes i see now :grin: thanks for the answer and the welcome, I will wait then. Merry Christmas to all!


i am sorry to push up that topic again after that time but i really want to know when the mod will be reactived most likely because it looks total awesome =D Any plans for that?


like i know they are still working on it :wink:


It’s okay @Joshua_Wolf
Answering stuff is the least i can do

The sotry is sarting to be made (pre-planning was made before)
So i’m expecting it to be restarted ate about Early~Mid February

It’ll be the end of Feb if it get really long; but that’s about it


Hi Hyrule,

Any News when or if the mod will be released for alpha 21+?
Mod looks amazing and I would love to use it <3


Welcome to the Discourse @Nasty_Stevie !

Sadly i wouldn’t expect it to come in any time soon, the assets are mostly ready now (i have one more animation set to go through) but because the Mod has been dormant for so long, i’m afraid the mod has to be built back up almost from ground-up in terms of code, and i don’t think i have enough time to catch up to A21 or 22 even if i really push it

I was planning on really digging in this summer, but situations have proven difficult with applying to Uni’s and such, i’m gonna be quite busy this summer with multiple things, and though i’d love to jump in and really dig into making the mod work and somewhat more full, i don’t have enough time to finish such a huge project without breaking flows, so i’ll be more focued on smaller projects such as the Balista and some other things, i’m really hoping i can dig in this winter or next summer, but i won’t make too many promises just keep in mind that i haven’t forgot about the mod



Any thoughts about opening up your mod, that maybe others could dig in ?

It looks too good, it has toi be continued :smile:


I have considered that for a while since help is always good and more people the more reliabley the mod will be up to date, but i just can’t bring myself to actually do it because, first, it’s a story heavy mod, and i fear it getting too off-track if i open it up to more people with different stories, and most of all,… well, i’m a little too attached to it now? It’s like my little child/creation that i promissed to and set off to finish, though with many coding help from creators of the community, i still love that feel of it being my own(mostly i suppose) little mess, and as selfish as that is, i cherish it too much to let it go, help is great, but i still want to be close to work on the Mod when it gets updated and such

But i still would love to get some help from the creators of the community that can code in campaigns and scenarios, it’s a coding hell that i wouldn’t wish for my worst enemy, but if that’s your thing i’d appreciate the help, i cannot devote my whole summer on the TMC but with some help i might be able to get it rolling and working again with some small additions that i’ve worked on till this point

Question is, anyone know how to make campaigns with Camps, Dialogue trees, Requirement detection, relative spawning locations and multiple endings?
('Cause i don’t)


its some time since i have create an campaign but yes i think i still can it (and mostly its just c&p :stuck_out_tongue: ) - the story is the most challenging part - -and later for the translators to change it so that it works with the infoboxes xDDD


I’d really appreciate some help if it’s not too much trouble! Camps and detections are simply too complicated for my simple little brain as far as i can tell, do you mind if i PM you about this?


Can you or anyone please make the Scythe into a usable craft able weapon?
Thing looks awesome… :star_struck:



You missed this one, so I bumped it for you.

But seriously, if anyone from ACE knows how to contact @MoonSight they should ask if ACE can use the spiders and spider lady for the Dwarven kingdom.

They would be so cool to have spawn in dwarf caves or to stumble on in hollowed out spaces while mining. Just putting that out there.


No Need really, when i said i visit the site almost everyday i wasn’t kidding.

Arachne… it’s been a while since i’ve touched the mod or the models. Still have a lot of things at hand so i’m not really able follow up with the mod. Hell, i’m doubtful if i can ever come back to it considering it’s no guarantee that i’ll have time in the future or not.

If someone on ACE was interested in some of the TMC creatures i’d be glad to hear.
as i said before i’m quite attached to the designs, but it’s been a while, so if they’re interested i could at-least consider it.
It may take some time thinking and it doesn’t mean i’ll open up all of them, but if i think they’ll have some good use (on how they’ll be used in-game and such) i will seriously consider opening them up. I do feel some remors that they can’t see the light of day as of right now


I understand completely about having limited free time, so I really appreciate your quick response.

Unfortunately, I’m not on the ACE team, but I am learning to make a json to create new invasion events with custom assets.

When I get a working version, I’d be happy to share it with you. Using that, you could get your creatures back in the game as invaders with very little effort.

I know it’s not as ambitious as having a whole campaign, but at least people will again have a chance to enjoy your amazing creations.


Thanks! But i’m afraid i’m not currently planning on making or re-starting any mods for the foreseeable future. At-least until i can confidently have free time and still find it worth it.

Mods are fun but they also need some degree of maintanace after release, and it takes more time the more complex the mod is(a creature + events i think is pretty high)

That’s why i’d rather consider sharing the models and such with other modders instead of making one myself.
I don’t just want to open it up so easily or just on a whim, so that’s why i want to find a place where i think the content/assets can have a good life and serve the mods well.

So yeah, i would be interested in hearing people out if they asked for some assets but that doesn’t mean an instant ‘yes’, as selfish as it is i want places where the assets can have a good life.
So i probably will turn down places where i think they would serve little or live poorly
but i’m all ears, so if someone was to ask for access, i would at-least consider it seriously