The most important class for the winter season

I’m just saying, when seasons are added, the single most important class during the winter season will be none other than… The Cook! Let me explain. You obviously aren’t growing any crops in the winter season. So the cook will preserve the food you managed to hoard over the earlier seasons. Another thing the cook will be important for are festivals! A festival isn’t a festival (at least in your hearthlings opinions) without food! Whether it’s the great feast after the long week of cid, or a special preparation of fruits for the Monday of the 12 golden fruits, you’re going to need your cook! Welp, that’s all I’ve got to say… see ya!

“Oh, and on a side note, bananas have to be added to the game since they mentioned it in the kickstarter.”


Hello=^.^= and welcome. If I’m not mistaken they are working in the cook class right now. Also they do have plans for the cook to preserve food so it will take longer to decay. As for the festivals, I’m pretty sure Tom has mentioned that will come down the road. So you are right on track my friend

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