The most dedicated farmer NA

                            The Creastview Chronicle                                                                                         Day 4

The town of Crestview was just starting out, not much different from any other of the colonies. However, little did they know of the individual who would be visiting in the very short future.

“It was the second day since me and my group of villagers had embarked into the great unknown”, said our great mayor Derek, “The sun was shining, and work had just begun on the carpenters workshop”. "When it hit me, “'Crap! I thought ‘We dont have any farmers! We are going to starve!’ When all of a sudden, a man came seemingly out of nowhere, like he popped into existence in front of my very eyes”. “Someone who I had never seen before. He was wearing a blue tunic of rough spun wool, a hoe in his hand.” This man was Sean, and MAN does he LOVE farming. Even when the village had three open beds, he didn’t JUST tuck his Pumpkins in for the night OH NO. HE SLEPT IN THE FIELD WITH THEM. HE ATE TURNIPS IN THEIR PRESENCE. He refused to move the pumpkin patch, going so far as to chain himself to Big Billy Bob (the large pumpkin that won the county fair by default (But don’t tell him that)).

He has however, in the past day, gained the respect of the villagers even with this strange farming affinity. When a group on three (3) armed goblins attacked the village, the only one to not be frozen in fear (glitched out) was Sean. He charged bravely into the field, surrounded by his plumb orange brothers. He took them on all at once, wooden hoe not but a blur as he swung it to and fro. He brained one of the goblins right off, and with a kick, hit the second with a blow to the nards. This reporter was in awe of the feat of skill and bravery! But wait! The last one was none other then Marge Rose, the famous Pumpkin Slayer!


“Yess” Said Marge, “I have finally met you Pumpkin-kin!” "I will at I last throw YOU into the fire that we burned your so called “Family” in! “We shall purge the pumpkin plague from the world at last” MAHABHARATA!

And with that, they charged each other, fighting to the death in the patch of the awesome argyrosperma. It was a battle that lasted though the night. On and on it raged as neither one seem to tire. But then, Sean back-peddled and tripped while trying to dodge stepping on a pumpkin, and Marge stood over him.

“Give up Pumpkin-kin” She said, catching her breath, “You have lost, give up now and submit to the flame of our wrath!”

“NEVER!” he exclamed, as he flurried his hoe towards her face.

Marge was caught off guard, and couldn’t defend her self in time, as the Son of Pumpkins smote her down.
The crowd cheered! But in was not for long, for as our hero turned his back, Marge struck a final blow with all the fury she could muster in her dying moment. Sean let out a gasp, and went down.

Sean was burred in his pumpkin patch, where he still stands guard for any intruders that seek harm to the village and the pumpkins that reside within.

Well, that was interesting way to write an strange encounter I had in the game, reminds me of Dwarf Fortress in that respect. All of these events happened, although with less dialog, in the game. Even the double suicide flurry of death happened. And yes, he IS buried in the pumpkin patch.

Hope I can see more of these stories,


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