The Hum: A Survival Horror Game

The Hum is a horror game that puts the player in the aftermath of a sudden alien invasion. The player will have to find not only a way to survive by providing his own basic needs, but also will have to unravel and increasingly involve himself in the mystery behind this nightmare. His own perception of reality will have to evolve while he experiences an important transformation.

The Hum is being developed completely by an indie team and we hope it continues this way since it allows us full creative freedom. We won’t hesitate to explore every possible variant and taboo to achieve an idea that really blows your mind.

We want The Hum to be different from those cloned shooters, jump scary games and “walking” simulators.

Many things that have explored or we want The Hum has as a game:

  • Survival Mechanics: inventory / items / crafting, stats and needs (hunger, madness, warm…).
    World Interaction: The goal is that the player feels really inmmersed, so interaction with everything is very important.

  • Puzzles?: The Hum is not (at least by the moment) based on puzzles. But the aliens will put you in some specific situations where you will need to solve them. Maybe they are testing you. But not only your intellect… but your psychology too.

  • Gameplay Changes and skills changing over the time: The aliens are playing with you. Maybe experimenting, maybe toying. The player will suffer changes in the perception of the time (acceleration for example), on his senses (improve vision or hear) or be victim of illusions.
    Illusions: When player’s character is close to madness, many situations can happens in small gameplays along nightmares.

  • Can character fight? It’s the idea that he/she be allowed to fight against the aliens. We are trying to balance the fact that they are really superior to humans with your real possibilities of defense.
    Will be there NPCs in the game? Yes. In The Hum, human race was decimated but not exterminated. They still need a few humans for their purposes.

  • Procedural Generation: I don’t want The Hum to be a linear experience. But I don’t like when random generation breaks ambience. That’s why we were exploring some intermediate solutions based on servers or updates.

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Not really into survival/horror games like that, but… did anyone see that pic and immediately think “Mass Effect Reapers” :stuck_out_tongue: ?

This really sketched me out. I had the same fear as a child, the footage thus far was completely spine chilling to me.

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Aliens are a huge fear of mine because I watched Signs, and a lot of X-Files when I was young, so this struck a tune with me. Definitely looks great and the trailer was amazing, and it even has Oculus support witch, when using a surround sound setup, makes games like this scarier tenfold.

Might pledge 25 or so bucks if I feel like not sleeping for some time.

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I can’t support it. It looks awesome and I want to but I’d never play it.