The direction of combat in Stonehearth's future

So now that Alpha 16 has officially been released and everyone has had a good play around with the new combat mechanics and hard mode. I feel that this really needs to be discussed as there are many things that can be built on. I’ve seen lots of posts on the forum about what people feel should come next and I want to get all the ideas and opinions in one place.

There were some interesting ideas stated in the latter posts of the Inept clerics thread and I feel that they need to be brought to light and discussed for many reasons. And I’m sure there are other posts suggesting interesting things, link anything you find :slight_smile:

At current we have a game that presents interesting and complicated combat with various tactical decisions that need to be made and carried out.

I’d also like to know where the Dev’s want to take the combat and getting there opinions on the matter would be really interesting, as it’s looking like the game is revolving around the combat more and more.

So how do people think combat could be further improved?

I would like a better review over the threat mechanic. All too often I find that since footmen are the first ones into the fight (still, despite this thread), and even once the knights show up they continue to be the ones taking the brunt of the damage. In fact, when I took the time to line up the time to engagement between a knight and a footman, both directed to attack a single target, the footman was the one who did the majority of the tanking. Because, at least in my games, this doesn’t seem to be working how I would imagine, I would enjoy seeing some of the internals of the threat system, and figure out what I can do to fix things… because when the fleeing footman is still the one being hit, despite the knight running after them, something just isn’t right.


But while we’re talking about what we would like to see, robes (a la those nice ones in the splash screen) for the cleric, craftable by the tailor, which buff healing throughput (compassion?) would be fun.

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Hm, most has been said in inept Clerics, really. I think my point is clear.
What I would like now is:

  1. Better controls (standard strategie mouse controls, drag to select, right click to move or attack)
  2. The knight actually taunting. He doesn’t even taunt the guy he is hitting in the face…
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