The Dev Streams

Does anyone else feel super guilty when they miss a dev stream? I know this sounds super fan girly but I really do enjoy watching all of the streams every week and look forward to them. My favorite stream is Allie’s since I too am an artist and just enjoy watching art being made! But recently due to internet struggles and habits to stay in bed longer I’ve missed some streams and I feel like im missing out on interacting with the people that are making one of my favorite games. This brings to the table a new topic of perhaps we could get more dev streams? I’m sure that not only I get excited about getting a notification on my phone that Stonehearth is streaming on twitch.


I know what you mean :smiley:
Due to different time zones I actually can only see Allie life, but every morning I see the notification of a stream in the night I can’t wait to watch it after work and walking the dogs and more work :stuck_out_tongue:

They are so entertainig and I love being part of a comunity which can influence the design of a great game :slight_smile:

The best spent Kickstarter money ever ! (I even purchased some copys as gifts for friends)


So far I’ve missed every single stream. (All 195 of them) :disappointed:
I’m so guilty, that it might be actually punishable by law. I’ll try to catch one of them sometime in the future, tho.


Just imagine watching all streams since the Kickstarter at once :smiley:
Unfortunately twich doesn’t keep all of them :rolling_eyes:

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Well, it’s not that I didn’t watch them (not all of them, tho), just not live. It’s not the same. It’s like watching videos of your own birthday party or your wedding without being part of it. :smiley:


I always make a point of getting ready to see the stream on time, then I show up 10, 20, or 30 minutes late. I don’t know how.

I would say I regret missing some streams, but since I am easily distracted and catch what I can; I easily forget I regretted missing when I do catch a stream…

I enjoy what I get to watch live, and enjoy what I can watch in back stock, as long it within time it is still up.

Think the main reason is usually busy life for myself, which also in turn means lots of distractions… ><
I like em’ all. :heart:
I may not always interact though… But I try. :relaxed:

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I feel guilty that I watched them only once! Stumbled upon one accidentally.
Is it on tuesday? What time is it? I’m confused about timezones since I’m in Europe.

Also, @DerpTehTurtle , how did you get notifications about them?

It would be really hard for us to have more streams than we do now and still get work done!
But the 200th stream is coming soon (a couple of weeks away) – you won’t want to miss that one.
Details on their way…


For GMT+1 its Wednesday 4am and 5pm and friday 4am xD

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the team streams on: Tuesday 6:00 PM, Wednesday 8:30 AM, and Thursday 6:00 PM, all PST

if you click the little arrow beside the “follow heart” it brings up a small window where you can turn on twitch email notifications for that broadcaster,

hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Oh. So it was Wednesday. I remember seeing the Cleric code being worked on.
There’s at least one time I definitely can watch them, so no more excuses :sweat_smile:

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