The cost of war

This was a bit inspired by the new update on the different types of housing that has become available. I was just wondering, are the houses destructible? I mean the first houses you get in the game are wood, so does that mean when an orc raiding camp/flame elemental comes in they can set fire to the houses and burn it to the ground? Will that set course to wells or a extinguish option to the settlers? Will all of this set course to siege equipment (catapults, ballistas, etc.) later on to attack/defend cities? (A lot of questions but just food for thought.)

They have said they want to make buildings destroyable. In one of the video’s Q&A they said they wanted to make buildings follow believable physics, so if a support column is knocked out or destroyed it could cause sections of the building to fall down. They did not say specifically how many methods of destruction there would be though (unknown if fire will be in game)

I think you’ll find a slight discussion regarding what you’re talking about [url] here[/url] in relation to the destruction of houses.

Seeing as we’ll be able to destory them ourselves, and I think Tom or Tony mentioned this as a possibility for PvP I would imagine that the destruction of houses, especially by things like fire, will make it into the game.

As for the ability for your settlers to extinguish fires. It makes sense, and if fire is included then it would be a bit of an oversight to not have any mechanism to combat fire!

I don’t think they’re heading for siege equipment … as you won’t really be besieging things, well you might, I think it’s up in the air, they haven’t truly confirmed or denied it.

I was just thinking that since there are seasons to the game. One could say that a certain biome or time of the year becomes very dry and may post risk for fires. Say the crops have become very dry and turn into a wild bush fire and catches one of the houses! This should be considered in the game as well since there will be elementals to fight. Thus the need for a mason to put less risk of fire on your settlement.

These sound like good ideas, they’ve said there will be some sort of environmental danger:

So yer, I’d say what you’re suggesting is more than likely going to make it into the game!

Yesssss! I can totally see right now a wild forest fire heading to your down and completely draining your wood supply, so you use your geomancer to make a make shift moat and have the surrounding water (i.e. ocean, river, stream) to fill it up and save the town! YAY!

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