Testament to the Righted Wrong Feature?

Is this a Feature of the Memorial of the Testament of the Righted Wrong after you killed the Tentacle Boss, that I have this behavior?

  1. all Plants (Trees too) are grown near instantly.

This breaks the Farmers, because they plant and harvest the plant in the same second. Also it seams that for example carrots get rotten before they can harvest it, so I don’t get any carrots anymore and other plants/fruits that can get rotten.

  1. all Days are sunny, no matter what Season is.

If this is a Feature of that Memorial, it is a very bad one. Simple destory it didn’t work and they not collect it, can only move it.

All that monument does is grant everyone a pleasant thought. The issue you’re experiencing sounds like something prevented the weather services from initializing. Does the game show any errors on load? If it happens on a specific savegame, you can upload it for us to take a look.

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Ok, could be that this are two separate issues. I don’t know if the first one happen exactly at the end of the boss fight, but I noticed it short after it. The second one was definitely direct after.

No error Message on load, can’t remember on any as this happend.

Here is the savegame: http://pics.blizado.de/1532192088138.zip

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Interestingly, this was over on the Steam forums and is the same issue in the same order of appearance


Possibly related to the blights on crops?


Yeah, beside that Titan worked for me, it is the same plants issue. So possible this error messages could also help on my savegame.

Thanks for the save! The root cause of this issue will be fixed in the next release, but that won’t fix existing saves. To fix those, on this release or the next, you can run the following command in the Lua console (enable debug tools, then click on the blue angle bracket icon):


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Thanks, the fix worked for me, both issues are gone now.

Great I could help to fix an important bug.

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