Teleporting settlers

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Settlers Sometime Teleport To Different Parts Of The Map


I was controlling my settlers, cutting down trees, you know, the usual. Suddenly, without no reason whatsoever, some of my settlers started teleporting to other places around my settlement.

Steps to reproduce:

It seems like this bug happens randomly, so I don’t know how to reproduce it.

Expected Results:

Well, I expected the Settlers to work normally and not teleport all over the place.

Actual Results:

They teleported all over the place.


I am running the newest version of SH.



Versions and Mods:

Current version of SH and no Mods.

System Information:

Intel Inside CORE i7 Haswell Processor

Microsoft Windows 8.1

938981 MB Hard Drive Space

8014 MB RAM

It’s not a bug, the settlers have been blessed with the hand of Raya herself. :wink:

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Gonna revive this topic because I had an interesting case of the tellywellys.

Was managing my hearth one day, when I noticed one of my villagers had gone missing, My shepherd had disappeared, allowing the sheep to overrun my village. Nasty little buggers.
Found out the shepherd had abandoned their duties and decided to become part of nature. They became a rock.
However; what they hadn’t realised was that rocks can’t hunt or eat without assistance, and so our traitorous shepherd slowly starved to death.

Now, being the magnanimous leader I am. I forgave the shepherds unloyal behaviour, and decided to set him free from his prison. However; they had decided on the most awkward of places to be a rock.

As you can see, the shepherd was very skilled at time space distortion and managed to teleport a good two cliffs high into the mountain behind the village. Perhaps he was dissatisfied with being a shepherd (And honeslty if I knew he could teleport I probably would have made him a farmer instead)

But yes, a very strange bug that gave me a very interesting story to tell. It has never happened since then and I have no way of recreating this.

Here are my specs regardless:
SysInfo.txt (925 Bytes)


Teleporting hearthlings should totally be a feature for the Raya faction… cus reasons and also magic :smile:
Though hopefully rayans are smart enough not to turn themselves into rocks or other inanimate objects when they teleport :wink:

Also rayans should be able to go up cliffs by levitating instead of needing ladders(because they are the magic faction) and instead there could be a mana resource they would use instead and possibly gather over time somehow which could be very interesting. I love magic so i think a faction based on magic should definitely have more magic features (i mean if you have magic why do you need ladders ect… or tools for that matter) Maybe they could have magic tools instead like staves/rods/magic armbands or something that generate a magical version of the tool when they need it… just to make the faction actually seem magic based… yeah it would require more animation/designing but for a faction that is supposed to be based around magic they cant play the same way the ascendants do… that wouldn’t make sense.

Actually… on the topic of raya faction… i believe they shouldn’t have footmen or archers (as they are focused on magic) instead they could have summons or elementals or some physical transformation as a melee option… and for ranged instead of an archer give them a wizard or something (which would be awsome btw)

and maybe the downside to not having footmen or archers is that while they summon their troops their soldiers individually are much weaker than other factions (who need to use hearthlings) and the raya faction would have to be played with more thought and teamwork between the soldiers or something as generally magic is more about the mind than physical body so Rayan armies would be more focused on strategy rather than strength… and instead of using iron and metals for armor and weapons… use those for certain spells or even as ingredients to summon their armies (to make it fair)

first of all, welcome aboard! :smile:

second, thanks for taking the time to search first, and resurface an existing report… kudos to you my friend… :+1:

and finally, we should all be more cognizant of the hungry terrain, so often overlooked… :laughing:

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