Tamable Creatures

My suggestion is to add tamable creatures into the game.

Tom was talking about something similar like that in lastnights livestream. He said that for example they have an idea that maybe if you kill a Titan they will drop an egg that hatches into a mini pet of the Titan. A possible future addition to the game.

A beast master class has been announced that hopefully will be able to do what your suggesting.

Hey, as referenced on their Kickstarter, and in a number of livestreams, they are planning on having tameable animals in the game, that can be trained with abilities. The animal trainer class was the 240k stretch goal. So your suggestion has already in progress for the game

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Thanks for telling me!

PS, what is Desktop Tuesday?


I think this will help you:


In the livestream Tom mentioned how there will be at least two ways to train animals - as beasts of burden and the other one which is escaping me at the moment!

There will be two classes, animal trainer and beast master. The beast master is more of a combat class and the animals he trains will be used in combat, the animal trainer is more of a civilian class training animals for everyday uses.

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