Suggestion: maintain N of everything with one order

To me, maintaining a crafter’s orders/inventory is cumbersome busywork. I would very much like to see a single ‘maintain N of everything you know how to build’ order. It would allow me to use the finite order queue to work on specific projects instead of trying to make sure the basic parts are always available with the first 29 orders.

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I agree this would be nice, but I think the problem is with the current ui layout.

The “single line” of orders does not work well late game or with a highly productive play style.

-You are highly limited by how many orders you can see and thus manage at a glance.
-It takes too long to place your order in the exact location before / after other items due to the click and drag.
-The trash can being at the end of the scrolling edge is a terrible placement for that UI element.
-You are interrupted by the crafter when the crafter completes an item before you are done dragging your orders and the queue is refreshed.

TL;DR below.

single list orders has the advantage of absolute priority control, though the priority control itself is too basic.

  1. Sometimes, we want some orders to be always of lower priority to newly placed orders, or auto-orders from building templates. Some will always be higher than any new orders.

i.e. a list may contain

  • high priority items
  • this is where new manual orders goes by default
  • this is where new auto-orders from building template goes by default
  • low priority items

E.g… This is something that cannot be done by a simple minimum of everything:

  • high priority : maintain 5 threads
  • other orders
  • low priority items : maintain 50 threads

This setup allows me to always prioritize having at least 5 threads before other orders, but when there are no other orders, it will build up the stock to 50 threads if possible.

Perhaps there can be a default lowest level item which is NOT shown in the order list (or at least as editable) but instead the min number is set via another UI (which displays all items buildable and a min number to maintain default to 0). When set in this interface, it will be implemented as an uneditable lowest priority item in orders. But we are free to add higher priority maintain orders in the same list if we want. The end effect is that when there is no other manual orders to be fulfilled, the special lowest priority maintain order will be active from the numbers set in the specialized UI.


  • the list order system should be maintained as it is more flexible and customizable (for “expert usage”).
  • need better priority settings. At the minimum, have high priority orders, which always stays before new manual orders, and low priority orders which always stays after new manual orders (i.e. by default, new orders always goes in between, but nice if “add to top” and “add to bottom” is provided as options)
  • implement a separate stock maintenance UI which lists all items each with a changeable number indicating stock to maintain. This automatically translates to an uneditable maintain order of the lowest priority (it cannot be edited in the order list, only via the stock maintenance UI).
  • need longer order list. 30 is way too low. min total number of buildable things x 5 would be a good start. (or if we want a number, 200?)