(Suggestion) First Person/Possession Mode

Much in the same fashion as games like Dungeon Keeper, first person mode could allow you to take control of one of your residents and experience first hand your creations and buildings or even fighting.


I’m 50/50 on this one. Timber and Stone a game which I had high hopes for but Stonehearth has already superseded added a FP mode as it broke the game. I don’t think stonehearth will have the same problems thankfully and i loved on i think it was Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 where you could walk around your park as a visitor.

one way that could be used to balance it is that you can walk around and do non combat things but when there is enemy troops within X meters of any of ur troops not just the one your controlling it will let u know (ringing of town bells or horns) and then you lose control. Unless it is balanced i can’t see in combat control working unfortunately it would be epic though a epic mod perhaps…

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This is a different game. What do you want to do in that first-person mode? Just look around? Craft and build and play the game from the eyes of one villager? (That game is called Minecraft.)

Please elaborate on your idea for this first-person mode, especially on how it would not be a clone of other well known crafting and survival games.

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Correct me if i am wrong but i think in one of the livestreams they mentioned that once stonehearth was out. the next thing they wanted to work on was a new game designed around taking a first hand look at your creations in stonehearth.

Taken from the Q & A:

If a first person mode is implemented, it sounds like it will possibly be as this new game, or as an expansaion to Stonehearth. I would 99% say it sounds like something post-release.


Possible to select one of your worker and use a “Follow Mode” but that doesn’t imply that you can make it do anything other than watching.

i find that im a bit gun-shy when it comes to adding in new viewing perspectives… if its purely form a vanity perspective, i can see the benefits… and if it were introduced, folks who have no interest can simply avoid it… but i dont have a huge interest at this point…

i want to remain in “ant farm” mode, as that is what has drawn me in, and what im most interested in playing…

Rule Number 8. Mod it.

But really I can so see how this could work for a mod in my mind. In actuality most of the work would probably be in the controls/ui with the coding being relatively minimal compared to some stuff, probably maybe anyway I know that things tend to turn out harder than expected.

on a side tangent, i would like a follow button to move the camera to follow one dude. still top down view, just one of those nice things to see them run all over the place while your queued orders are being done.

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i hope the expansion/new game where you get to control you can get like a bunch of friends and one is the “GM” i.e. its his Stone hearth town you guys are in and he can put jobs up for you and you and your mates do the quests and play as your hero and like go out and kill a goblin band rising to the east then you come in sell the stuff you got to the “GM’s” town and buy new items and the “GM” get to play stonehearth and upgrade the town and stuff while the other players in FP mode are heros and fight dungeons and help the city thrive at the same time. well thats is what my dream would be. (sorry if it was poorly written out am rather tired)


Sorry i did not elaborate much on it as i preferred it to be open to interpretation. Right now, i agree that it would be better if it was more like a “follow” option, on either top down or in first person, i also agree that interaction while in first person would be very difficult to program, but again, i am just throwing a suggestion for discussion.

I really don’t think a first person view would work for stonehearth. The game and its graphics are made to be looked at from a 3th person perspective, so from a 1st person perspective it will probably be really ugly. I see only 2 ways this could work:

  1. A major graphics overhaul for 1st person perspective, this would be a lot of work for little gain.
  2. A new game set in the stonehearth universe, this would take even more work, but they could add new gameplay mechanics since ur not playing a managing game anymore but more of an adventure game. This however, will be either a minecraft clone or just pretty boring.

I do not think this will ever happen because it defeats the purpose of a city managing game. I honestly do not like the idea because it would get complex and if they do make it happen i wouldn’t touch the mode ever.

Actually that is a really good idea!

My expanding idea is that with the first person you can control a ‘Hero’ And i know that they wanted to add like RPG quests or say missions to save partners etc. So you can take your ‘Hero’ on this mission and stuff. Also you can do exploration and or when you come across modules you can do them with your ‘Hero’. So pretty much any module or missions you can control your ‘Hero’ to do them and fight, this could solve the problem with the city management and modules.

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I think something along these lines this would be handy for modders in being able to put something like a scripted cut scene or something similar where you could zoom in to a first person view and have a scripted scene play out, not necessarily allowing the player to control anything in first person mode.

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These combined would be great for modding adventure maps!

Didn’t realize there was a topic for this, but now that I’ve seen it I have to say something.

I’m actually working on a mod that’s really similar to this. The difference being that there is a new job (Straw boss) that by himself does nothing, but you can take possess him and take direct control, so you can explore your town, interact with object, change jobs of your citizens by talking to them, and so on.


Now, I don’t know how hard this would be to implement, I don’t even know if its possible,i don’t even know if its been mentioned( I tend to mention a lot of things mentioned already lol, lil late to the party), I do know that it would add a lot to this game though.

This is entirely based from Timber and stone, In timber and stone there is 1 class called ‘‘Adventurer’’ which when you make one of your villagers turn into this class they get a little Icon beside there name which you click on which turns you into that Villager(allowing wasd movement for him/her) and changes your game into 1st person mode from that villagers perspective

this is an incredibly cool feature because it lets you view everything you have created from the eyes of your villager and all the other villagers are still going about there business with there designated tasks, you could even take this a step further and order your hearthling squad to attack and then turn into the specific adventurer profession you put in your hearthling squad and participate in a battle yourself.

to add a NEW layer of depth and fun, when multiplayer is released you and your friend playing could have a Commander-Perfect Soldier relationship where 1 is controlling the army and the other is the strongest troop creating a different feel for multiplayer altogether, similar to the MMOFPSRTS savage 2

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This is the point I got overly excited at the idea and really wanted to be able to mod, but then I would find out how the goblins feel when I run myself over to the other village and get slaughtered by Hearthlings on alert.

Also maybe the one person you can become could be the mayor of town, so your Hearthlings would come and complain to him directly/wave there carpenters saw angrily when they get stuck on a half finished building for three nights instead of writing in a book directed at the all seeing god. This could be a part of the game over as your mayor character gets kicked out of the village or worse.

Anyways I’m getting overly excited at this idea.

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I like this idea. It was one of my favorite features of [Dungeon Keeper 2][1]!

At any stage, as in the first Dungeon Keeper, the player may
choose to “Possess” one of his creatures. The player then sees through
the creatures eyes and controls its actions, in a style similar to a first-person shooter.

You could then walk around with your goblins and mine out areas of the walls, or become one of your wizards and hurl spells at enemy soldiers. It really was a cool feature that really helped immerse you into the game, and allow you to explore the little dungeon you had created.

I would love to see this become a feature in Stonehearth at some point.
[1]: Dungeon Keeper 2 - Wikipedia

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