Subdivisions in the Building UI (multiple rooms in one building)

Well i was playing around with the building UI and i stumbled upon somthing pretty neat.
When you delete parts of the floor plan and than add the walls you get subdivisions. Like if you would plan a real home with multiple rooms and open walls to divide a room.
Problem is the workers can’t build those walls yet (hopefully in the future…).
I would love to see them beeing able to add those walls, would open up a complete new way to plan and build bigger buildings.

here i deleted the spaces for the interior walls

The look before i hit the start building button, i know i forgot the doors, they are there but you can’t see them :wink:

The last one shows that the workers stop building after they completed the outer walls, no roof, no inner walls.

PS.: if you try to remove it that’s what you get:

the ruins, nobody touches the remains, it is said they are haunted…


Just for my curiosity what happen if you add a roof in the planning model, how the game make the roof of a subdivisionned building ?

Well it just adds the roof like on a normal building, doesn’t look any different.

So they made a great job with the code ^^