Stream 318: How to Steam Workshop with Justin & Angelo

Stream 318: How to Steam Workshop with :alien:Justin :alien: & :sparkles:Angelo :sparkles:

Stream 318: How to Steam Workshop with :alien:Justin :alien: & :sparkles:Angelo :sparkles:

So satisfying.

  1. What is going to be the role of the forums as a way to get mods? Is it going to be a thing that works, but is rudimentary and no-one will use it, or is it a and-and situation, where both ways are used about as frequent.

  1. IF it is the second option, may I suggest a “To the Forums” button in the “local mods” column, which brings you to the “current mods” section of the forums. You might not think about it, because currently everyone knows of the forums as a place to get mods, because it has been the only place to get mods. But moving forward, that might not be the case, so you need stuff in the UI to say: “HEY, here might be awesome mods too!”. Basically how you want the platforms to be used needs to be reflected in the mods UI, even for local/forum mods.

  2. About item placement. Manually moving crates on top of other crates using the relocate tool, so it can be done in the vanilla game, but it would be nice to see it in the builder and place manu as well.

  3. Also about item placement. Wether items can or can’t be stacked on top of each other has been talked about before in streams I believe. The major pain point was wether you should be allowed to place things on one-another that are unrealistic. Maybe you could add a tag: items_mount, similar to wall mount and floor mount. Or maybe you should have a item_mounted tag, where only some items (tables, crates etc.) can have stuff mounted on top of them.


I was testing the workshop modding and I haven’t seen one thing mentioned anywhere: in my test mod the game wasn’t able to get localization texts if I didn’t specify default_locale in the manifest.


Very simple, it is a way for those not using steam.

Yes, yes it is.

Only time will really tell for this question, but I have seen this exact situation happen for other games.

  • In XCOM2, almost all the mods are on the Steam workshop. Copies of said mods can be found elsewhere, but they at least (~98% of them) exist on Steam. The other 2% are spread across the web, with some on their own website, some on Nexus, and some only found in the game’s forum. Regardless, Steam is always updated first (from my experience).
  • Minecraft Forge on the other hand has the majority of them on the Forge repository, but they’re never the latest version, as well as more than a handful are on their own sites. If you want the latest version, you have to go to each mod’s website and dig for it. Some times that’s a personal site, some times it’s GitHub.

So that said, it will depend on the type of mods mixed with who produces them and how popular they are. Just a hypothetical, but if yourself and @Kittyodoom only post your mods here, and @BrunoSupremo posts his mods in both places, it will probably balance out. But if everyone’s posting to Steam or @Kittyodoom’s and your mods don’t end up being as popular, then the forum will be bare. Think of it like a market and how business mechanics work.

Not everyone. The majority of people the support the game are here and know this, but there are people that don’t know. A large percentage of the Steam Community don’t know of this site, and thus don’t know of the mod selection. Same with Kickstarter only people and some Humble Bundle people. Even on the Discord, there are people (you can count on one hand) that refuse to use this website for whatever it may be. These people (if they have Steam) will notice the workshop long before coming to this site.

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Yep, I mean, the canyon biome had 500 downloads here since the last time it was updated (which was last year april, one year ago, wow)
Meanwhile it have over 1000 subscriptions in the steam in the first week.


I wouldn’t even say the majority necessarily. I’ve bounced between quite a few people streaming the game on Twitch that didn’t know the forum and mods existed. And I personally didn’t know about the forum for a long time either; I originally wandered onto it by accident when trying to research the game. Granted, for me, it was quite the long while ago…

But it doesn’t seem like a fair presumption; we only really know people who are here. It’s not terribly easy to account for exactly who isn’t here, unless someone cares to go digging for statistics…

good points on the everyone statement.

Oh no! We should add that to the auto-generated manifest. I’ll ask the devs.
It is mentioned in the “manifest” section of the modding guide but should probably be repeated in the localization section too. :disappointed_relieved: