Stonemason - his task and duties

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Seeing my villagers walking all day to the ever more far away trees (as they are little greedy forests killers) in order to fill a stockpile, I begun to think that the game needs some kind of speed up. :slight_smile: Not just in way of a fast forward button.
So the idea popped up that roads should be part of the early game experience already, and furthermore the Stonemason should be able to build roads. Logically it makes sense, as when the time has come to build the stonemason your settlers have already established food and wood production while in the same time cleared the woodland around them.

Stonemason: He can build roads and?

So basically I am suggesting roads, but I wonder what you guys come up with. So far, i think we have not heard anything about what the duties of the stonemason is. Or have we? :smile:


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This seems like a good idea, but should the Stonemason have more things to do?

Definitely, but what else?

Maybe he is needed for multistory houses, at least the ground construction

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I’m not sure whether the team are still wanting to achieve this but this was definitely something they talked about in relation to construction - that if you wanted taller buildings you would have to use different materials like stone, as wooden walls won’t support tall structures.

On top of that I’m sure there’ll be lots for him to do:

  • crafting walls, especially defensive walls/ reinforced walls
  • Stone pillars/ columns for either pleasing aesthetics or building purposes such as holding up larger structures
  • Objects like tables, doors, firepits, staircases, bridges?
  • Aesthetic objects such as statues?

Lots of potential there, all depends if the team want to keep the class as one that covers a lot of jobs or differentiate between say a stonecutter and a stonemason.


To be honest I am happy that @Geoffers747 has come up with the General ideas of what the Stonemason should be capable of doing, as it points out a Problem.

In my opinion the stonemason should not be the only Person to be able to build a Stone Bridge, a Stone wall or even a Castle. Because if you consider the building time and the lack of villagers, that would take ages. And then you must actually promote everyone to be a stonemason in order to Speed it up.

I believe that normal workers should be able to deal with stony construction as well, but the stonemason is needed for the Backbone, the Framework. As he is the skilled guy who can feel the Stone breath (Quote to the dwarfen stonemasons from Fantasy Literatur :smile: )

Whereas with roads… as this is something that is not super vital to the community, that could be left to the stonemason alone.

Ah, I don’t believe the stonemason would place all of these items my initial feeling is that the stonemasion creates the blocks/ resources which your workers then place wherever you designate; just like the carpenter right now.

I obviously don’t know what the team are planning but I imagine the first ‘tier’ wall to be a really basic stone wall which is simple made by the stone you ‘harvest’ and then placed by your workers. Your stonemason could turn this stone into a higher ‘tier’ depending on how the game handles that, and then create the improved stone wall blocks as well as the other stone objects mentioned.

Well, arguably if roads enable your settlers to move around the place faster they would definitely serve a massive purpose in larger settlements :P. Either way I feel like the workers would be able to handle the construction of roads.

I want the staircases… I thought the mason would make them.
The idea of roads to speed up the movement of resources sounds good.

while running the risk of oversimplifying, perhaps the basic worker units will be allowed to perform most tasks, albeit with a hit to performance…

you could promote more than one stonemason, and increase the construction time on that protective exterior wall, but you’ve reduced the pool of general labor…

you could have a single mason, with more generic workers assisting with the wall, and take the hit in overall work speed/performance…

I thought about this, it’d be similar to how it’s handled in most of the other games and would definitely work well, as long as the standard workers could move and place the objects created by the Stonemason, otherwise I can see wall construction and placement taking forever, like @OnkelJorsch said.

As long as you can prioritise what it is you want your stonemason to do - either build the walls or craft the objects, then it’d be fine!

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perhaps your mason could be the construction site manager. one needed to direct the other workers? no?

Hmm, if they were going to limit say the construction of stone walls to the stonemason I’d prefer something like [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:8, topic:6011”]
you could have a single mason, with more generic workers assisting with the wall, and take the hit in overall work speed/performance…

So rather than him being a site manager just directing the workers, as this implies that he is removed from the process himself, your stonemason would go to construct the wall and as such other workers are now able to construct the wall alongside him, and so he acts as a “overseer” in the respect that standard workers won’t touch the project until there is a stonemason attached to it.

Who knows, I’m just chucking random ideas out there, I’m sure Radiant have got a much better plan than me :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah thats what i had in mind really. he/she “enables” other units near by to work along side.

The stonemason begins sounding more and more like a build master/entrepreneur (i am not quite sure of the english word for this)
A stonemason is more like the guy who carve the stones into the right size and form and maybe makes the craving in it

I moved a post to an existing topic: Pathfinding/ Road Discussion

Ha I know! That’s what I thought the stonemason would be doing anyway, but if you follow the argument down I was saying that if the mechanic was that only the stonemason could build items like stone walls etc. then I was chucking out ideas of what the mechanic could possibly be like.

@Lomico I’m going to open up a new discussion on pathfinding/ roads.

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