StoneHearth using 2 .exe Lots of CPU usage

I noticed that when launching StoneHearth, StoneHearth will open 2 .exe’s. While this being said one exe is strictly for the game. The other is for using controls and clicking on objects in the game. While the first exe uses 25-60 CPU for me, the other uses around 15-30 on average.

I have not noticed any other games I typically play use 2 exe files but… I have been wrong on occasion.

First pic was clicking on random speeds pause through speed 3, menu options ect. Second pic was not clicking on anything, (both pics for the CPU usage are in game, I have 21 villagers, they were currently setting idle while I did this.

I hadn’t actually checked for this before, but I found both an application and a separate .exe when I started up my game. I wouldn’t worry a whole lot about it, the game isn’t finished, so we may well see these things baked into one file. At the same time, it might not be that big of a deal overall - after all, I never noticed an issue with it in my game, and I’ve been playing for a while now.

With regards to CPU usage, well, the game still isn’t finished, so that means that it isn’t optimized. It certainly is quite a bit better than it used to be, allowing 40-50 hearthling games, something that was only a dream just a few alpha titles ago… A14, anyone? I would suspect that the performance you’re seeing is just a function of what you’re playing on. Even on a relatively old processor, the 4790k @ 4.7, I see stonehearth hitting 25-40% usage depending on the game speed and what I’m asking my hearthlings to do, but it never actually causes system instability or lag or anything.

This could be the preperation for multiplayer since the game has always been progammed as server/client application. So one exe would be the server and one should be the client.

CPU usage is high, but performance gets better and better with each alpha as they continue to optimize the code :slight_smile:

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i can confirm this, the second .exe pops up right before the radiant-logo shows, the frame for the game is allready present, with only 1 stonehearth.exe

goes for “32bit” and 64bit

@Thomas hit it right on the nose.


God, now I’m just waiting for a thousand rounds of latency optimization once we get actual multiplayer. I can already feel the headache coming on.