Stonehearth uses the cpu heavily while paused

40% of an i5 while paused and minimised

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not really a bug, just an observation

40% on its own, or just 40% overall usage INC background programs?

Either way, thats not to shabby. If you kick in to most games and minimize it you’ll see similar results.

40 on its own, what processes does in need to run while paused?
everything cpu incentive, pathfinding etc would be stopped, right?

Paused rather that stopped. Not to mention the game itself will be allocating CPU to keep itself running. You may find that during activity your CPU usage may be a little higher as it gets under way.

Depends on how the game itself runs.

Off the top of my head i don’t think there is much to anything that we are players can do to reduce it. That being said, i think it’s a pretty standard CPU usage for a game active or paused. =)