Stonehearth Multiplayer

Come on… We can be friends before I kill you…
Just let me control the troops. I’ll control the troops, because, reasons


reminds me of something I once did in empire earth.

my best friend didn’t notice I didn’t have “lock teams” selected when we started the match. we went the whole game on the same team up until the very end, where we almost destroyed the enemy. I left the remnants of the enemy to him, I was busy building a huge cyber army in the center of his base. right before the enemy died, I declared war on him and wiped him out.

he wouldn’t talk to me for almost a week after that


Wow, I haven’t played that game in a while! Never actually got the chance to play with live multiplayer, though. Had lots of fun with the occasionally-wonky A.I…

(carpet nuke the world!)

I was actually going to suggest a team-lock function as well, but you beat me to it.

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The devs have mentioned countless times that they have been building the Stonehearth engine with multiplayer in mind. The goblin faction at the moment is designed to basically be a AI controlled player. There is also a client and server working right now in game as we speak.

There will most likely be challenges here and there for implementing multiplayer but I strongly believe that Radiant is taking the necessary steps to create a good foundation for it when the time comes :smiley:


Just as a point of reference. Tony’s latests stream (today as of this post) mentions it. Around 43:00 when talking about “session” being passed around functions. Worry not OP they have things under control :stuck_out_tongue:


Please start work on the multiplayer aspect, I’m dying to see how it will work!

Hey again @SpagBolChomper, moved your post here. The topic you originally posted in was for suggestions for the website (, not the game. Please be careful, especially when posting in older topics, that your post relates to the topic. :smile:

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Also the game is being developed with multiplayer in mind. Afterall, I believe they wrote the middleware that enables fighting games work well over the internet.

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I have a dumb question that has probably already been answered. what sort of game will the multiplayer be? like an RTS? or like some sort of co-op thing?

Hey @sheepasaurusrex, not a dumb question, and to be honest, I don’t think that we have a definite answer yet, lots of ideas tossed around, nothing confirmed by TF…I could be wrong, @8BitCrab, @SteveAdamo, @Relyss, @Geoffers747 can confirm here…


I think both kinds of multiplayer will be implemented. According to the Kickstarter goals, we’ll have co-op multiplayer and pvp. But that’s still far down the road, TR has to finish other goals first. We don’t know the exact details on how will the co-op and pvp be handled, I guess that’s subject to change.


Yeah I think I remember Tony and Tom mentioning how they’ve wanted a game where you can experience the adventure together and still have freedom to do what you want. Build a city together. Build separate cities. Go and destroy the other player. I think they want to setup a multiplayer experience where you explore the world of Stonehearth together; be it cooperatively or competitively.

Now that can mean a whole lot of things but i’m sure they’ll be having both coop and pvp in mind!


I dont know how possible this is based on the current world generation, mostly because I know nothing about programming, but would a randomly generated infinite world type-thing be possible? Maybe if like, larger servers of players was a thing. I don’t know, this is stupid.

Sorry about this mishap, didn’t realise it! :smile:

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Not stupid at all. Actually I think they want to be able to have infinite worlds. Like minecraft, in a sense, where you can wander past the initial loading of the map.

I don’t know if that’s still going to be a thing but I know in the early early days they were talking about it.


I’d love a multiplayer mode like this, where I could join a server and have infinite maps.

I’d like a pvp option to build a village from scratch vs a friend to take them on in battle as and when >:D

A co-op version would be possible if we could play the game as a villager for a bit - I’d love to do that rather than be bored waiting for villagers to be done with tasks.

Speaking of tasks, it’d be nice if we had an event text log which let us know when tasks were done or view previous events.

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It would be fine multiplayer mode.

I’m sceptical.

The main problems with multi-player are:

a) Mitigating “Internet lag” (round trip network latencies that are often as bad as a quarter of a second); which requires:

  • Some form of prediction (client predicts where moving objects will be, because it can’t know where they actually are due to networking delays)

  • Some serious thought about timing (e.g. if one player uses an item first, then the other player uses the same item that should be “gone” because first player was first; but server receives later player’s packets before it receives first player’s packets, so server decides “first was last and last was first”). This can be a serious problem when one player has client and server on the same computer (and gets < 1 ms latency) and second player is connecting over Internet and constantly “punished” because of > 100 ms latency.

b) Handling the networking bandwidth (especially for people with older/slower network connections, especially when they’re running the server). This typically means minimising the size/amount of data transferred, and packing multiple things into packets to reduce number of packets sent.

c) Handling the CPU load of multiple clients.

Because Stonehearth has never been tested across Internet connections, or with the load of multiple clients; I suspect it’d just plain fail to handle multi-player properly regardless of whether or not the developers have slapped a few “need changes for multiplayer here” comments in.

I don’t think it’ll be too bad actually, I play another game online that you would have thought wouldn’t be possible on such scales but it is. Supreme commander forged alliance (on FAF) is a prime example of having 12 players direct connected to each other with thousands of units and you get a smooth game even when you have 350ms ping to some players. Nobody sees any latency there, I believe if Team Radiant followed the same model with todays tech they could easily do it.

Using this model each computer would only have to process the AI for the player that is on that computer meaning you could have as many hearthlings as you wanted in total as long as each computer can handle there players hearthlings. Also because you’d only be sending a command stream you wouldn’t need a lot of bandwidth.