Stonehearth Main Screen/Menu


Something that has been bugging me is how the Main Menu/Screen is going to look. I haven’t seen anything on how its going to look. Is there any art that i haven’t seen yet.

Start Screen Main Menu

Me too, I’d like to know.


Not as far as I know …

I mean we’re 4 months from beta, I think it might just be one of those things we have to wait for, I shouldn’t imagine it’s one of the highest things on their list to implement.


At the moment they are working on the GUI (last update was the design for a day-/night-cycle-indicator). So I guess it is not written in stone. However, here two pictures which might give a clue of the direction, we can expect…


What you dont like about the main menu?


4 months and 25 days… but who’s counting?

in the event you havent seen them, you might want to watch some of the archived streams… we always get glimpses of “the goods”… these two would be particularly relevant: