Stonehearth Assertion Failed. Please help me

Can anyone help me with this problem ?

This occurs after I click “Select Roster” after choosing the settings for my world.

I have tried to update my graphics driver to the latest version already.

Can you upload your Stonehearth.log file? It should be in the game install directory. The default Steam location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth. And if there’s a crash.dmp in the same folder, it could help narrow the issue down further. The error suggest it’s a graphics issue, so please let us know what your graphics card is.

You can also try some of the common solutions listed in Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016.

My Graphic Cards (I think)

I found the crash.dmp, but I’m not sure what the Stonehearth.log file looks like. Also, I tried to upload the crash.dmp file but it says that I cant upload it because I’m a new user.

Had to make another comment because I can only upload one image per post.

I’m afraid that Intel graphics chip may not be quite sufficient, but I’m not sure without the model name. If you click Save All Information in DxDiag and upload the resulting file, that should contain that info. As for Stonehearth.log, it’s the text file under stonehearth.json in your screenshot.

Now I have the resulting file from clicking “Save All Information” in DxDiag. How should I upload this file, the Stonehearth.log file, and the crash.dmp ? I cant upload directly from here because It’s saying that I’m a new user still.

You can compact those as a zip file. Probably right click and select “zip” or compact, something like that.
Or you can upload to a online storage and paste the link, like google drive.

Computer Information.txt - Google Docs Like this ?

Yes, but you need to enable it as public too. Else the download is locked

Whoops ! I changed it to public now.

That looks like an Intel HD 3000, which is just within the minimum requirements, but it’s using an old driver. Try updating your graphics driver to the latest version from Intel® Support.

Do I just download this ?

I believe Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.45] is the one you want.

Gave me this Error after downloading the .exe version. (The one from the link you gave me)

I guess they dropped support for that chip some versions ago. This one should work.


I DIDN’T CRASH :smiley: . Thank you so much ! I wish I can give you a hug right now. Thank you for you’re time and effort to help me play Stonehearth, and I hope this can help other customers in the future! Now to wish me lucky on my journey, and hopefully not run into another crash.