Stonehearth alpha 10 not running (just got the game)

i cant get stonehearth alpha 10 running i have deleted it and re-downloaded the game many times manually (i have the game on steam) at first it only showed an error that said “stonehearth has stopped working” this would pop up almost instantly after i tried to run the game i have done several things to try and fix it and now in shows this "options can be specifies on the command-line using the format:stonehearth.exe name1=value1 name2=value2 name3=value3 name should be the path to the property you want to set. for example, to set this config file property: “render” : { “eneble_shadows” } you would use stonehearth.exe render.enable_shadows=true any of the options specified in the stonehearth.json config files can be set this way and will override the config file sitting " im not sure what do to or how to do it if anyone can help me fix this i would be grateful for your time and help also some side information that may be helpful im using a asus pc everything should be up to date … i guess that’s all anyway i would really like to try out this game so once again i would be grateful if anyone were to help me fix this

Check out this page. It has a lot of advice for people who are having crash on start up issues. Do pay particular attention to the updating drivers part. It’s important to make sure you get the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website rather than from any auto-update program.

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thanks for the fast responds everything is up to date but it still keeps showing me an error something about the JSON file im not sure how to fix it or edit the JSON file i can only open it up using chrome but i cant edit it if any of you have the time to show me how i would be grateful and thanks again for the quick respond and help

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JSON files can be opened with any text editor, just open it with Notepad and you’ll be able to edit it.

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