Stonehearth: Almost 3 years in development

Here’s an overview:

  • Barley an hour of gameplay

3 years of development come November. Cheers!

Good things are worth waiting for! :slight_smile:

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hey there @epyk… while everyone is entitled to their opinion, a healthy discourse requires substantive feedback (about both the good and bad)…

I see no point to your post, other than to make a poorly thought out “complaint” about the game… and while I would have no problem locking this thread, I would instead offer you the opportunity to expand on just why you feel the game is “barely playable”…

who knows? perhaps someone here can help improve your experience! :wink:


Build Something
Mod Something
Create Something
Contribute Something

Sure, there’s not a whole lot of gameplay right now. We could get into what Radiant accomplishes relative to other studios but I’d rather focus on what we have and contribute to it. You can find a lot more than an hour of entertainment if you try.


Honestly, looking at his profile, especially the “info about yourself”… just swing the banhammer & get rid of the troll already :stuck_out_tongue: .


Lets not, these post are going to come up more and more and now might be a good time to discuss how they should be handled without it seeming fanboyish.

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3 years? It will only be 2 years since the Kickstarter in another 2 months.


Meh. If it was written even halfway seriously then yes, I’d be willing to have a serious conversation about Radiant’s rate of progress.

This is just trolling, and I’ve no interest in feeding trolls.


Going to agree with @Teleros.

Constructive comments are worth discussing, this is not worth much more than to discuss what a constructive comment is. :smile:

Anyhoo, i’ll respond to @Epyk for the sake of @SteveAdamo

So let’s turn this into a celebration of what TR has accomplished!

  • I’ve put 34 hours of playtime into this game, which is way more than i’ve put into (and beat) a lot of AAA games.
  • Great community with helpful people on the discourse.
  • Moddable game already! See all sorts of awesome mods that have come out. Many more to come i’m sure.
  • Consistant progress! I’ve never been dissapointed with a desktop tuesday (and sometimes wednesday).
  • It’s getting tons of positive feedback from high subscribed youtubers.
  • Highly transparent team that has kept us informed of what is going on.

There are many more, but that’s just quickly off the top of my head.

I hope @Epyk gives this game a real shot and dives into the community as well, it is and will continue to be worth it.


This guy is probably just a troll. What i would do is just pay him no heed. BUT the game is very light on in game “stuff” but the game did come out on December 30 or 31 i thank 31 not sure of last year. It has been in dev a long time but Alpha is just starting and the last updateds and the next ones will have more good things in them.

That is just my point on it

thank you for your time


well said… :+1:

if someone spends a decent amount of time with the game to fully understand what it can do now and what will be possible in subsequent builds … and still feels as though the team has under delivered, then by all means, lets discuss it like rational (opinionated) human beings…

we’ll all be the better for it… :rainbow: :smile:


just decided to come out of lurking shadows to add an important note that i haven’t seen mentioned yet:

radiant have basically built their own graphical/game engine from scratch, made it extremely modular & easy to maintain and they are in process of creating and documenting a data based modding API for the game… it’s a lot of work that have been done.

imo the game is only going to gain from that early focus on a stable code base, and now that the core engine is in its place content should come a lot faster.


I think people have a fundamental lack of understanding of game development and really development in a whole. Activision Blizzard just spent 7 years with a team that was rumored to peak at over a 100 people on Titan and didn’t deliver a single hour of game play.

Personally I have spent a lot of time in Stonehearth and in my Kingdom of Calgary Let’s play I had almost 3 hours of game play and I wasn’t done.

This is an early access and I always warn my viewers when they subscribe to me, this is not a full game it is under development. But peoples excitement get the better of them and they jump in to be disappointed because they want to play the full game yesterday.


Be thankful your not a KS supporter for Castle Story… This is a Pleasure compared to that hunk of crap


Oh god… Do we have trolls now? Im scared and need to be calmed down.


Heh… time to start writing down names. Wouldn’t mind seeing troll names assigned to actual Stonehearth trolls :wink:

With regards to the OP’s post, the team is working hard to improve gameplay rather than appeasing us with content. The pathfinder is a lot smoother and effective, and the playability has improved a ton since I started playing the alpha. It might not be very evident, but debugging and optimising is what makes something fun to play… as opposed to something unbelievably pretty but fundamentally flawed…


phector2004 As much as I like that idea, primarily because it made me smile, this unfortunately is the penultimate form of “Feeding the Trolls”, if the devs name them in the game, then it might actually entice more trolls to join the forums, that would be bad, like on a cosmic scale.


welcome aboard @Jebowlin! :smile:

hahahaha… it would indeed… :wink:

the even better overview of whats in game and what we have seen:
1.mining to come!
3. weaver sows to action
4.footman KIA
5.Raids from goblins…farm…
7.carpenters with more recipes
9.more housing!
11.trappers disappear then reappear
13.a new UI
14.mods start their attack
15.more mods!
16.stockpiles can be sized
17.quests and trading
…thats alot but i know for sure that there is more thats in game and to come


I see the campaign against the Dreaded “2” continues apace :wink:

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