Stockpile updates

For new players it would be potentially helpful to know when a new stockpile is needed and for players with big towns they may wish to have to options to get notifications of where stockpiles fill up so they can either use that .aerial up or create a new area.

How i see it going:
name stockpiles or descriptions: weaver/mason stockpile or food/stone stockpile or upper level/outside stockpile

When: when a stockpile is full or almost full

Action: player gets a notification on i button saying “Mason stockpile full”

Reason: to stop stockpiles being full and material littering the town

Toggleable: yes so messy people can turn it off


This would be a good feature, as long as it was toggle-able as you mentioned. Especially later on when we will have big cities, and potentially dozens of stockpiles. Those notifications would start to get annoying fast.

Also if you were to ask me I would say it is arguable how necessary for it to tell you that your stockpile is full, because a quick glance will tell you all you need to know. I dunno it seems like a lot of pop-ups for not so important things.

If you have say a food pile the is empty but is in a mine you may not check it before villagers have to walk a fair way away from the mine location to eat and as u say it would need to be Toggleable

That is true, I didn’t think about a food scenario. But still that is a good challenge that you have to make sure to balance.

It may help new players and then gamers who play a lot can turn it off to make it harder as they’d constantly have to check food levels themselves

Maybe have this feature always apply in a peaceful game? that would make it work for new players, and not make it too easy in general