Steam Daily Deal - Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves


so, i heard about this several months ago, during someone’s KS campaign… were these guys friends of Radiant perhaps? either way, the title is on sale for < $4 on Steam… and it looks like a blast! :smile:


I have this game… been grinding levels, tho… Its fund to kill these monsters… Check it out! 80)


have 10 hours in per Steam…


well, after watching a few LPs, i’m now the proud owner as well… :smile:

now, lets see if this ol’ girl can even run the game… … …

feeds the squirrels some extra nuts


The LP’s and the first trailer convinced me to buy it as well :smiley:

EDIT: Seeing as it has no multiplayer… I’m starting to doubt…

EDIT EDIT: on the steam forums they are already talking about a sequel if this one becomes a succes, which will have a COOP mode! So to support them :slight_smile: I’ll buy it


What is this game that involves Lycanthropes?


:stuck_out_tongue: that made me laugh my head off.
This game looks nice as-well. Maybe i will pick it up.

But, Now I am curious.
will we be seeing lycanthropes in stonehearth?
Or is it too cliche?


Nothing is too cliche !! I say bring them on.

I purchased Sang-Froid some time after christmas. I haven’t enjoyed as much as i thought i would. But i probably haven’t played it enough to give it a real chance.


nah, not too cliche… we’ll have zombies after all… :wink:

personally, i would love to see @Tom’s take on a lycan!


And i would dearly love the animation live stream that would naturally happen, showing the change from worker to wolf :smile:


Well, in that case, lycanthropes should be added to stonehearth.
Bam, tis now a suggestion.
Shall I create a new topic for it?


surely we have one already, no? maybe check the “new mobs” thread(s)…


I can’t find any in discourse, (except a werewolf faction one), perhaps it is on another forum.


right… well, unless you have something substantial to spark a conversation exclusively around werewolves (new thread), i might suggest mentioning it here, and see where that takes the general discussion on “more types of monsters/mobs”… :+1: