Stealing items from crafter

I noticed that when my carpenter is crafting occasionally another Hearthling will walk by and grab the stuff off the table and put it away. but the crafter continues crafting even if there is nothing on the table. he produces a product anyway.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. have carpenter craft a bunch of things
  2. wait for another Hearthling to come by and take the stuff off the table and put it way
  3. It doesn’t happen every time so you might have to wait.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings to not take the undrafted materials from the carpenter
Actual Results:
Hearthlings occasionally take the items from the carpenter that are on the table and put them away while he is crafting
the carpenter still produces the expected product but I don’t think the crafting materials are getting used up because they get put back in the chest. In the picture that I provided you can see that the carpenter is crafting items that aren’t there anymore because they got put back in the chest.

Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

I made a video showing it

Release - 707

This is prioritized in our backlog, but there are other bugs that need to be fixed first.