Stats are garbage wants to be an archer

should i let her be an archer anyways or not

sure! put them in a separate militia group and place them between the enemy and your normal militia group… be sure to give them a “Colorful” name for the eventual Tombstone…


Every army needs some cannon fodder.


This is how heroes are born! (or die horribly). Give them a bow and let em rip, see how it turns out.


Looks fine to me, it would be different if she wanted to be a Knight. If she can survive the required levels of Footman to get to Archer I say she deserves it!


I can’t remember if this was talked about before, but it would be nice if someone got a job they always wanted and maybe got a little permanent stat increase as they leveled up. I know it could be abused, but when you’re stuck with choices like this, it would certainly be a nice alternative to sending the hearthling to their death or sticking them in a job they will always be sad about.


To be fair, even Steve Rogers had garbage stats when he wanted to join the army.

(spoiler alert: Steve Rogers is Captain America)


THIS hahaha oh man you win the internet for today.

archers stick to the back anyways, give him a bow.

This actually makes me think the “Passionate ___” traits should give +1 to all stats below 5 if a Hearthling performs the desired job. 2/3/1 are poor stats indeed but 3/4/2 would be acceptable for an Archer.


Yeah, exactly. I mean, we only have 20 or so hearthlings at the moment, and we try to use every hearthling we can. Currently the only stats that can be rerolled are the hearthlings at the beginning of the game. It would make sense, then, if there was a way to increase stats, and it would make even more sense if this way came about through a hearthling getting a job that he or she wanted.

I generally only give a job to someone with the desired stat at a minimum of 4. Mind 4+ for crafters, body/spirit 4+ for both clerics and knights (spirit affects both courage in battle and healing right?), 4+ body for archers/footmen etc.

This is one thing i really don’t like about traits. If they are passionate about being something, their stats should either have a baseline for that desire, or be able to grow while being that class as a reflection of their hard work rising above their natural stats. Say by the time they are level 6 of the desired class the stat is boosted up to 5 (keeping a natural 6 in a stat as preferred overall but not achievable unless naturally talented by the RNG gods). If it’s like this then some dreamy-eyed hearthling with a weak body can overcome his/her deficiencies and become a master of their archery destiny (or some such…hehehe)

Aside from keeping a handful of basic workers, Tailor, Herbalist, and Archers are the jobs I consider throw aways stat wise. The Herbalist is just around for when Hearthlings are incapacitated and need quicker recovery. Boost potions are nice, but the class is still kind of a wash. Once ya get all the clothing ya need for faster workers and lowbie armor the Tailor will spend most of their days making thread and cloth to be used by other craftsmen. Unless you’re RC and the Tailor is crankin’ out tapestries for income. Archers are usually in the rear, plus ya probably have clerics and knights by then, so unless they get in a sticky spot they’re usually safe.