Special classes (forum revival)

I’ve been thinking of the gamemaster recently, and, I was thinking, why not have classes that your access to is determined by the gamemaster? Let me explain. By doing certain things, you could unlock special points in certain skills (such as stealing, dancing, etc.). The way you would get Sp (special points) is by doing task that corrsepond to the skill. Also, If a worker enjoys doing what the task is for the Sp, he’ll get Sp much faster. Let me give an example.

I have been using a group of 2 workers and 1 footman to rob caravan’s coming by my town recently. I have discovered that the footman has 2 Sp in stealing, one of the workers has 1, and the other worker has 5. The Sp on the footman is useless, since I need him to stay a footman, but, I decide to promote one of the workers to a theif, since he has the Sp required to become a thief, and I’m probably not gonna stop robbing caravans anytime soon.

So, that is pretty much how the special points system would work. But just remember! The Sp system would never be limited to combat classes! An Sp-requiring class could be so much as a theif to a bioligist to a dancer!

And for the record, I’ll probably use the whole Sp system for the class suggestions I"ll release as soon as I can buy qubicle.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments and I’ll see ya later!

(Sorry if this seems a little repetitive, but, I, personally, didn’t wanna see my fourm topic die without a fight)

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