Spawning hostile NPC's

I’m working on a mod at the moment which requires me to do a lot of testing on enemies dropping loot and combat in general, so I have been looking for an easy way to set up combat between hearthlings and any sort of enemy in the game. I have created a micro world that spawns in hearthlings as well as goblins, however they aren’t hostile to one another.

I checked the result when calling get_amenity_to_strangers() on the goblin population in the micro world and this does return hostile, I tried messing around with setting threat levels, but nothing has worked. Anyone have any suggestions or had success in spawning in hostile NPC’s?

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You need to set their player_id to “goblins”.


Ahhh thanks seems my mistake was trying to add my own population of goblins rather than just getting the one that is already there :smile:

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