Sound in left ear only

Ever since I closed Stonehearth for the absolutely, most recent update for steam, I’ve had sound only in the left for headphones.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure you’re updated to the absolute recent update for the most recent alpha on steam.
  2. Open the game, load in a town.

Expected Results:
I expected to have normal sound.

Actual Results:
Left ear for headphones only had sound.

None to report.

Can’t really attach anything - It’s sound-based.

Version Number and Mods in use:
I’m using Stonehearth Cafe, Brewer and the mages mod, didn’t have an issue before.

System Information:
HP Pavillion G6, 8 GB of Ripjaws gaming RAM, Windows 7.


Having some trouble reproing this–can you test a different pair of headphones too?

I periodically have this issue with my headphones forcing me to buy a replacement every 1-2 years. Usually headphone cable is to blame - in addition to trying another headphones try sound from other sources (music players, other games, etc).

If your soundboard is an integrated Realtec there’s usually a Realtec HD utility installed together with MB drivers, sitting in your tray. There’s a general “test” button for speakers in it, it sends sound signals separately to the left and right channel in turns. Try it - if one side is “deaf” it’s usually either the cable contact or the headphone itself.