Sort of a bug report

This is a little weird.

This is just a hearthling that just happend to walk into another hearthling while warming at the fire. It is all the normal AI, so hence the title. Still, though, it seems a little weird.

It’s definitely not “normal” looking, at least insofar as the gameplay is concerned, but it’s pretty normal for Stonehearth and (I would guess) not likely to change. As it stands, this is actually pretty useful when it comes to having all of your workers help move things from a chest to somewhere else, where 10+ hearthlings will stack together to all access something at the same time. As a result, they kind of have to be able to clip through each other just to be on the safe side.

I understand your argument, but my focus actually lies with choosing the location to stand in, rather than clipping through other hearthlings while walking. with a fire, with so many places to stand, it is weird that they choose the spot another hearthling is already in. Clipping through other hearthlings in the process of walking there is not as obvious.

Then again, with the chest I understand, that hearthlings walking to the same spot is necessary. There are only so many spots to stand in. But the fire has so many more places to stand.