Some other suggestions for the game

I think the devs should take a lot of the player-made models, cause its like helping them. The game would be done much quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

You can mod your player made models in in the beginning. They would need autorisation from several programs as most player made models use free software whilst you need a paid variant for commercial use.

I disagree because of 2 reasons. The user made models look very different from what Tom is doing. I would prefer to have a vanilla Stonehearth design in the same look / style from one artist (Tom). Second… if all the “mods” go into the vanilla game, where should the mods come from? :wink:


true… well sorry lol. Voxel plz come in the chat box i am lonel;y T-T

Well, Tom could just tweak the models, Make them fit more. I have a bunch of female hair variants that Tom could use for instance. I would feel honoured to help even in that small way.

its really sort of up in the air at this point… we’ll probably know more once the preview release is out in December, and the community has had a chance to actually contribute working mods… :+1:

“Will you put someone else’s mods in the core game?” - Livestream - 36:40

“That’s a very good question … we don’t know, that’s very hard for a lot of reasons … we don’t wanna take advantage of anyone, or make anyone feel that way, It’s so early it’s hard to say.”