Soil Upgrade Spell

This is one of those suggestions that might not happen for awhile if at all.

But I was playing Alpha 3 trying farming (YAY) and I thought of the soil models in the stonehearth.smod. From what I’ve gathered the levels of soil determine level of produce, but I haven’t found a way to increase soil richness. (I might not have been looking as hard as others). Then I wen’t to the kickstarter page yesterday for some random inspiration hunt and saw the Geomancer Stretch goal picture and I thought to myself:
“What if Geomancers could enhance farming output?”

So, I suggest the Geomancer get a spell to increase the level of soil richness to enable better crop output from farmers. It would be a good tool for feeding a town in the later stages of the game without needing to increase farmer populations along with add just 1 more use to a profession.

YAY for Geomancer suggestions with a minor amount of relevance!

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Sounds like a good idea but in survival mode (The one WITH titans,) It might make the game too easy so maybe you have to earn it somehow?

indeed! I suppose that merits at least 1 internet point… :smile:

I second the suggestion, and think it fits well with the class… as for “earning it”, a potion of that should come from advancing the tech tree, no?

It would be quite cool, especially if you had other things your geomancer could be getting on with because the point Tom made quite a number of times about soil richness is that it’s deliberately micromanage-y so those who want to bother do and those who don’t, don’t. If your geomancer had nothing else to do then it doesn’t become that, it just becomes a sensible thing to do since he has nothing better to do.

Obviously though I expect the geomancer to be somewhat busy so this would work quite well!

In was thinking more of a giant Melon, Carrot, Turnip etc. mini-titan that would come from your farms or maybe if you use too much of this Fertile Soil Spell, Giant Carrot (Or any other crop) People might attack because there is a thing such as too fertile.

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Based on the KS pitch, Geomancers (and to an extent Magma Smiths) seem to be intended for making late-game landscaping projects easier - rather than having your settlers work themselves to death to make mega-projects. That said, small perks like these in various classes would be useful for synergy and/or making sure that specialist classes are worth investing in.

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Don’t forget the plan for irrigation channels that we saw on Twitch not long ago.

Another idea… fertilisers. Having your (presumably late-ish game) geomancer run around upgrading soil patches all day is one option, but what about being able to convert some excess corn/turnips/whatever into fertiliser, to feed back into upgrading your farm soil quality? If nothing else, having a second means of improving soil quality would be handy.


Exactly. They were supposed to upgrade the quality of crops or the soil itself. Time will tell, anyway. If you only have one farmer the time it takes to make a big farm and harvest the crops is big, but it could end in something like when you finish harvesting crops the first ones have already grown again…

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