So you metioned steam keys?

Will the Alpha one come with steam keys if we bought it form the humble store or will we have to wait till a later build of the game?

Probably Steam will be comming a bit later, not in Alpha 1 already. I guess there will be some kind of announcement once the devs have a plan on how to move on with Steam. You can also follow the following thread for details on how things are going on with the Alpha:


welcome aboard @UniZbish! :smile:

steam will indeed be an option, just not right out of the gate (as @voxel_pirate mentioned)… here’s a quote from a recent blog post to confirm as well:

You’ll have the option of a direct download or installing through Steam. We’re still working out the details on Steam, so that may come a little later.

stay tuned, we’re getting closer to alpha 1 by the day! :smile:

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