Shield looks dumb on the footman's hand

This is kind of a dumb suggestion but the footman holds the shield like a plate rather than in a defensive posture that would block an attack

We are having trouble seeing the issue. Do you have a screenshot?

Yeah, I don’t see the ‘holding like a plate’ issue. This has pointed out that all the shields are strangely offset off the arms though, so I will fix that ; ).

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They do hold the shield in a defensive posture when they run the shield block or parry animations.

This is their pose when they are not attacking


Seems that there’s a combat idle that holds the shield in a better position, but doesn’t get to run often enough.
I’ve added a task to track this issue. Thanks for reporting!


Thanks for the screen shot! @Relyss is right, this animation shouldn’t be playing. We’ll see if we can figure out how to get the proper animation to play (there is another one where his arm is down - specifically for shields).

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Heh. And here I thought it was intentional. Athough I though H holds a shield strapped on the back of his arm.