Setting "Building" zones

Something I think would be very beneficial to implement early on (or at least before we get a massive amount of class) is the ability to assign buildings, or specific rooms to a specific task (once we can make actual rooms). For example. After making your first major building you could assign it as the “town hall” where villagers congregate when idle; or a bunk house where villagers go to rest. Inside individual buildings you might set bedroom zones which a single villager would take ownership of; or perhaps setting small buildings as literal “houses” which you can assign villagers to live in. The list goes on for as many different types of buildings as you can think of. Guards gather and train at a barracks. Animals and farm products are stored in a barn. Travelers stop and rest at an Inn. Feasts and parties are held at the pub/bar. Etc. Etc.

This allows villagers to make better sense of what you’ve made and make it so buildings have a stronger purpose. Of course it won’t be necessary until we get enough content to make use of diversifying the building types. I definitely see it being useful later on in defining areas of a large town with its many different parts.


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