Selecting a predetermined mining area to 'Remove' results in changing the toolbar set

Release 537 - Selecting a predetermined mining area to ‘Remove’ results in toolbar change. Using the left mouse button to select the mining area changes the toolbar set from the ‘Harvest’ set to the ‘Designated zone’ set.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch release 537
  2. Once in game, select the ‘Harvest’ tool set
  3. Select EITHER ‘Mine Tunnel’ or ‘Mine Block’ options
  4. Click and drag to any size or shape
  5. Right click to turn of the tool, observe the user is still in the ‘Harvest’ toolbar set
  6. Left click the pre-determined mining area
  7. Observe the user is offered the options revolving around mining
  8. Observe toolbar set is now set to ‘Designated zones’

Expected Results:
User is not forced out of their intended toolbar set.

Actual Results:
User is forced to change back to ‘Harvest’ toolbar set after being incorrectly directed to the ‘Designated zones’ toolbar set

Tried several area designs as well as the singular for each mining option.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 537 / None
System Information:

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